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Legacy is a Digital Content Aggregator that deals with independent artists as well as labels in the Myanmar music industry, standing at the forefront of opening new revenue streams for artists since 2011.

When you partner with Legacy, you get to work with the largest global digital distributor and publishing rights administrator in the country, as well as an artist-focused company that will simply help you make money from your music. We’re equipped with the newest technologies to make sure we deliver excellence in quality of service and complete transparency in our work.


We Live In The Details

Digital Distribution

We work with over 20 digital music platforms to release your music with no additional fees. Wherever fans want to find you, your content is there. See ‘Platforms' for more info.

Disputing Copyright Infringement

Our country has had a long history with piracy of music and laws are still not yet intact to fight against copyright infringement. Legacy makes sure we do what we can as an aggregator to be responsible in this sense for our clients. We provide the service of issuing DMCA reports on free Facebook links on songs and reporting fake Facebook artist accounts. We are also equipped with the ability to start blocking Youtube posts by other channels at the initial phase of your album release through fingerprint technology.

Monthly Reports

Transparency is extremely important to the Legacy team and this is why we developed LegacyReports. We make sure you can find out where each kyat you’re making is coming from. Log in with your username and password (top right) to see your sources of revenue in detail.


This is a service that no other company in the country does. You, as the artist, can separate final reports based on their rightful owners and go up to 5 layers of aggregation- Artist, Composer, Producer, Band and Studio. By providing this service, you can rest assured that each kyat you’re getting from your fans is going to each and everyone behind the creation of the track.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most effective type of online marketing right now and will gain you the most exposure possible, depending on the amount of users/followers present on the network. Legacy Music Network is no stranger to many different platforms of social media and have large followings on each- including 625,000 likes on Facebook, 440,000 followers on Line, 27,000 followers on Viber, and 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.




We represent over 2000 artists, 5000 albums, and more than 500,000 tracks across different genres and our catalog has grown exponentially since we began in 2011. Some of the clients we provide our services to are:



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